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We, like many of you, knew very little about marriage when we embarked on this journey.  We hadn’t read any books on the subject, or talked to too many people about it. Furthermore, many of the examples of marriage before us at the time that we were getting married weren’t positive ‘billboards’ of successful marriage (or at least what we thought successful marriage was). Imagine a service person (auto-mechanic, contractor, plumber etc) that not only doesn’t have the correct tools for the job, but does not even know what the correct tools are! That was us! We weren’t very knowledgable, but we wanted to be together…
Fast forward to now -We have learned some things and had some success. We have gone through some things and we have made some mistakes. Along the way we have picked up some tools, tips and tricks. We are far from knowing it all, but we feel compelled to share what we have learned, as well as give you a front row seat to our continued growth.
So, we are going to share, explore, learn , grow, and seek advice…together! In addition to us sharing from our personal situations, we are going to hear from couples who we believe are experiencing successful marriages. We will also hear from people who did not taste success in their marriages and attempt to learn from their experience. We will explore the theories of some experts on the subject. And, of course, we will see what the Bible has to say about it.
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Well, here goes…..
Thank you for taking this journey with us…
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