Hey, Girlfriend!

Introducing the Hey, Girlfriend Journal & Planner!

Denise Marcelle

Hey, Girlfriend!

Need a place to journal your thoughts and ideas, yet also be able to check out your schedule at a glance? Need a place to write down affirmations and self-care ideas? I needed that too.  So I created this simple, cute, and fun journal & planner with our needs in mind. So order your copy today! And hey, grab an extra one for your girlfriend too, so that you can coordinate your dinner and spa dates together (self-care) – and at the same time, remind yourself of how awesome you are (affirmations). This journal & planner has it all! 

I hope that it blesses you and puts some order in at least one small corner of your busy life.

Love you, Girlfriend!

~Denise M.

Hey, Girlfriend Journal & Planner