Oliver and Denise's marriage seminar was exceptional and invigorating. They created an atmosphere where everyone felt safe to express themselves and share experiences. I strongly recommend them to minister to your couples.
Maurice D. Bryson D.Min
Sr. Pastor
Nehemiah House Ministries
"Oliver and Denise have the gift of communicating essential Christian relationship principles with tremendous clarity. They are able to take a familiar passage of Scripture, unpack the deeper meaning in God and correlate ways in which our marital/family interpersonal relationships need to mirror God's relationship with us. This "incarnational" approach allows each participant to define and interpret his/her relationship within the will of God's plan and purpose!!"
Moses Eli
New Beginnings SDA Church
"Our experience with 'Marriage Is Our Ministry' was a true blessing. We were in need of someone with experience to lead a discussion for married couples that we were hosting at a welcome lunch during our wedding weekend. Our request was unusual and involved discussing the different sections of Prepare Enrich and the Couples Checkup, but Oliver and Denise Marcelle were more than willing as well as qualified to help us. They lead a wonderful and interactive session that many of our guests expressed gratitude for afterward, and several came to us individually in the days following telling us their views on the importance of healthy marriage have completely changed or even that their spouses actions had changed for the better! It was a great way to celebrate love and marriage and inspire or help our guests even before we tied the knot ourselves, and was certainly a highlight of our wedding weekend. They were truly a blessing!"
Gabriella and Pierre Etienne
"It was an absolute pleasure hearing Oliver & Denise Marcelle speak on marriage/relationships. Their ability to utilize the Bible, explain how God is pivotal to a relationship, and providing actual experiences in their own marriage is what makes the Marcelles an excellent example of what a Christian marriage should look like. The Marcelles, with their down-to-earth personas and transparency, are a couple that definitely shows what the standard in a marriage should be."
Wayne A. Dixon
Oliver and Denise Marcelle have hit a goldmine when they established Marriage is Our Ministry. This world is full of negative views of marriage because as individuals in many ways we have chosen to go about doing things the wrong way. God has inspired them through the transparency of their lives to help lead and guide others into the direction of a marriage that God has ordained it to be. They led out at our marriage ministry session and were truly a blessing that left everyone wanting more and being inspired. I pray they allow God to continue using them to help others and see more become closer to that Kingdom Marriage.
Abena Swaby