Raising Small Children? 10 Tips To Keep The Romance Going

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If you have young children, spending romantic time with your spouse can be pretty much non-existent most days. Those little humans can be pretty demanding! And when you DO find the time, you’re too tired to do much of anything. We get it!
Sometimes you have to get creative and settle for quickies (we’re not necessarily talking about sex, but hey…🤷🏾‍♀️🤷🏾‍♂️)! 
So here are 10 suggestions that just might help:
Get a sitter and go on a quick 30 minute date:
  • at your favorite ice cream or coffee shop 
  • go for a walk or bike ride. 
  • sit in the park and catch up on each other’s day. 
If you can’t find a sitter, wait until the kids are asleep, then do something short & sweet:
  • feed each other ice cream from the same pint 
  • take an end-of-the-day shower together 
  • snuggle up and watch your favorite 30 minute tv show together before bed 
  • talk about your day in a candle-lit environment 
  • dance together to a couple of your favorite songs
  • have fun cleaning the kitchen together (splash each other with soap suds, etc)
  • order your favorite restaurant food (or cook your favorite meal together) and set up a romantic atmosphere in your bedroom and eat it naked (we bet you won’t finish the whole meal!)
These are all just suggestions. Remember, romance is relative. First, know what things your spouse considers romantic.
You have to WANT to do what it takes to bring the romance back. That might mean sometimes being creative and flexible.
Here’s to keeping your romance alive!!

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