Loyalty vs Commitment – Are They One And The Same?

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imageLoyalty:  faithfulness to commitments or obligations

Commitment:  a pledge or promise; obligation

According to some of their definitions, there doesn’t seem to be a whole lot of difference between these two words.  Or is there…?

Oli and I were talking a couple weeks ago about what we thought of the definitions of these two words, as it pertains to marriage.  I think I have more questions than answers lol. So this rant & rave is directed to YOU, with the hope that you will respond with your thoughts 🙂


IS there a difference between commitment and loyalty in a marriage?

If so, what IS the difference?

Is one better than the other?

Can one be loyal to their marriage, but not there emotionally? I think so…

For instance, can one stay unhappily married, simply because they don’t believe in divorce?  Wouldn’t that a form of loyalty?

Additionally, if one is committed to one’s marriage, aren’t they more likely to work at making it work…?  I think so…at least, that’s what I’m thinking tonight.  Yesterday, I believe that I thought otherwise lol.

Maybe I’m flip-flopping because both words pretty much mean the same thing, in regards to the marriage relationship…?  Who knows!


I AM sure of this though…

Marriage is work.  So whether you want to call it commitment, loyalty – or both…I AM that to my marriage.  I know that one of the reasons that God put me & Oli together is so that He can show me the “not niceness” in me – through Oli.  I hate that sometimes!  But it’s true.  And I need it.

So, I commit to honoring God by honoring my husband.  I commit to being loyal first to Him and everything He has called me to do.  And then I commit to being the loyal wife that He has ordained me to be, to the greatest man on earth, no less…how blessed am I!!

What are YOUR thoughts on loyalty…on commitment?  Would love to hear from you!


Love ya’ll,





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    Tabitha Ann Montoya

    I believe commitment is different than loyalty… You can commit to be open with your spouse or to have open relationships, as well as commit to be loyal. Loyalty is to be always there for that person or to never let them down, or to never give up on them, our to support them in everything they do, say, or think, or not believing in device……

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