10 Tips To Re-Ignite The Intimacy Fire In Your Marriage

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I’ve come up with 10 tips to help get you back on the road to exciting sexual intimacy with your hubby! Gone will be the let’s-get-it-done, I-have-a-headache-so-make-it-quick, I’m-tired “task” that it may have become.
No, no, no…NOT what God intended! Enjoy intimacy time with your hubby again!

10 Tips To Re-Ignite The Intimacy Fire In Your Marriage

1) Write a “steamy” message on the bathroom mirror for him to see when he gets out of the shower

2) Meet him at the front door in revealing clothing…or less!

3) When he enters the bedroom, have music playing & dance seductively for him (if you’re like me & have no rhythm, he won’t even notice!)

4) Text him from an area of the house other than your bedroom & tell him to meet you there pronto (well…you know the rest)

5) Leave a Hershey’s Kiss and a self-made coupon on his pillow, entitling “the recipient” to kisses on whichever part of his body that is

6) “Forgo the frump” – ditch the frumpy bedtime clothes & sleep in something sexy…or the suit you were born with!

7) While out in public, catch him off guard & whisper something “naughty” in his ear.

8) Secretly make arrangements for an overnight date, where you whisk him away for a stay in a hotel. As an added bonus, go to the room ahead of time & prep with bubbly, his favorite snack foods, etc…be creative!

9) Buy a few pieces of sexy lingerie & model them for him – in heels, of course. Then ask him which one he’d like you to wear to bed first.

10) Feed him fruit. It’s simple, yes…but can be oooh, so sensual!

Start trying these tips today! We guarantee the sparks will begin to fly, catching your love on fire!

God Bless

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  1. Avatar

    I’ve been lazy and “out of it” lately so yes I need to try these. Thanks for posting these reminders and they’re all very doable, love that.

    • omarcelle

      We all get that way from time to time for one reason or another…
      We’re all about doable!
      Thanks for reading

  2. Avatar

    How come it’s up to the woman to respark the flame?

    • omarcelle

      Although this article is addressed to women, we are by no means implying that it’s completely up to the woman to re-ignite intimacy. It is never up to only up to one person to accomplish any marital/relationship goal.
      Denise, as a woman wrote the article to women and at some point I (Oliver) will write a similar article to men.

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