Extreme Marriage Makeover Part Four – INTIMACY


Extreme Marriage Makeover Part FourAll of the things that we have discussed up until this point: forgiveness, communication and trust, all help to develop this next topic – INTIMACY

Intimacy is vital to your marriage! You cannot have a healthy marriage without it. Intimacy by definition is¬†close familiarity or friendship; closeness. Close familiarity and friendship does not develop overnight, it is a by-product of good communication, and the development of trust. In this installment of the series we talk about the importance of sexual intimacy. Sexual intimacy is the ‘glue’ if you will, that helps to hold all the other things that you are working on in your relationship together. It is the culmination as it were, of the development of close familiarity and friendship. ¬†However, you cannot rely on sexual intimacy to create good communication, trust, forgiveness, familiarity and friendship. Sexual intimacy is enhanced by those factor beings already in place.

Watch below as we talk about the importance of intimacy in marriage


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