A Few Words For My Wife…On Our Anniversary


imageToday marks 13 years of marriage!! God has blessed us to make it to this point, still in love!

I have a few words that I would like say to my wife, and I have chosen to do so in this public forum…(to the Marriage Is Our Ministry readers: Thanks, in advance for indulging me.  It won’t be long,  I promise)


To my English Muffin (LOL) Denise Marcelle

In the beginning of this journey I loved you, and I believe I was a good guy,  but my life previous to marriage rendered me unprepared to be a good husband.  I was honestly more prepared at that time to be detrimental to the success of this union…

However,  as the years went by, we grew.  We grew as individuals and as a unit.  Our love grew every year by leaps and bounds!


Although I have grown, I have not yet become the man that I feel I should be to you; I have not given you everything you desire, or deserve. But, I take comfort in this fact: God has designed you in such a way that you only build me up and push me to be a better man! Because of this, I am confident that we will be okay! You are the oxygen tank God attached to me to consistently breathe life into me, giving me the energy to keep pushing!

Today, as we embark on our ‘teenage love’,  I just want to tell you that I love you more at this moment than I have since I met you!! I am thankful that God gave you to me, and I promise to always love you!!


Happy Anniversary








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  1. Avatar

    Just clicked over from to love honor and vacuum and saw this. How touching. Reminds me to appreciate and love my hubby too. Thanks for sharing.

    • Oliver

      Thank you so much for stopping by to check us out! We all need to be reminded from time to time…
      Please feel free to stop by anytime!

  2. Avatar

    How wonderful! My husband and I celebrated our 13th as well this past July! Marriage built on a Godly foundation is a beautiful thing. Much congratulations to you both!

    You can find my hubby and I on google+ as Maurice, Anita Mckaney.

    • Oliver

      Thank you so much! Happy Belated Anniversary to you as well! May God continue to bless your union and the work you do through Wifestyle Image Network!
      Thank you for stopping by and checking us out. We will connect with you on Google+

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