Are You A Servant Lover?

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Often when it comes to sexual intimacy, many of us have (or had) a skewed point of reference. We ran with information that came from movies, magazines, friends, and pornography. Most (if not all) of the information taught us to … Continued

Marriage Is Not Hard Work

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You’ve heard this phrase time and time again – “Marriage is hard work”  We have heard it, and repeated it so much that it has become engrained in our psyche. I was fearful of getting married in the beginning because … Continued

Sex Begins In The Kitchen

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Intimacy does not start and end in the bedroom. We often think that sexual intimacy will just automatically ‘kick into gear’ when the “do not disturb” sign goes up. However, it does not work that way. Although husbands typically can … Continued

Rebuilding Your Marriage

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I recently answered a question on Quora, and felt that it needed to be shared with everyone… Here is the question: Is it better to remain in a marriage of 40 years with a husband who loves you but you … Continued