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imageBeing able to spend some alone time together (and I don’t mean sleeping…LOL) is very important. Too often we get caught up in the daily routine and fail to come away to re-charge our relationship. We (myself and my wife) are challenging ourselves to have a consistent date night, and we are encouraging you to do the same!


Denise and I are looking for date night ideas from you! Comment below with your suggestions for an awesome date night experience. On Tuesday, August 6th, we will choose what we think is the ‘best’ idea. That person(s) will receive a $50 Visa gift card (courtesy of Marriage Is Our Ministry)! We will also use the winning suggestion as our date night activity on the following Tuesday (August 13, 2013) and post some video footage.


  1. Comment/entry must be left on this site in the comments section. Comments left on social media sites (facebook, twitter, google+, etc) will not be considered as entries.  **note: there is a Facebook comment plugin on the site itself, and you may use that to comment as well
  2. Date idea should require no more than $50 (US)
  3. To be be considered, entry must be posted before 12 noon on Tuesday, August 6, 2013




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    Brandon Perry

    This is more of a prep-Date idea for any date. You Oliver set up the date, ask tell your wife what time you will be “picking her up.” You will be picking her up because you will not be getting dressed at home. Get dressed somewhere else, and allow the Mrs. the opportunity to get dressed by herself. Please ring the door bell or knock when you pick her up, and take some kind of gift with ya. And clean the car!!!! lol

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    I would like to suggest the following date night idea: Couples Cooking Class. Living Social has multiple deals where couples learn to cook a particular cuisine together. (For example: Indian, Egyptian, Korean food.) Most classes are 2.5 hours ling and the couple prepares 5 dishes (from appetizer to desert together). Its a great way to have fun together while in the kitchen -:)

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    Drive to the mountainside with a blanket and picnic basket and watch the sun set and then make a small pot camp fire roast some marshmallows for s’mores while listening to some Kenny g , then the night is yours after some apple cider and strawberries .

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    I was going to say prepare a picnic and go to the beach. Walk along the beach or some where, where there is a large body of water at dusk or night and eat and talk while looking at the stars

    Then there is to go to a spoken word lounge.

    Or on Saturday nights after sunset BMA has jazz in the park and they have a live jazz band in the court yard and it is free… so save your $50

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    Get creative! One of the best dates I had was in my bedroom at the “drive-in”. Blanket (green like grass) spread out on the floor with goodies – sandwiches, chips, fruit, and drink. Good conversation is a must. No talk of bills, work, kids!! Laughing id imperative! Talk about where you want to go on vacation and things you want to do.. I guarantee you won’t make it all the way through the movie…

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