Extreme Marriage Makeover Part One – Forgiveness


Extreme Marriage Makeover 1Many of you have seen the various makeover shows that are out there. Changes (sometimes drastic) are made to bring about a new, and more desirable result. There are some things that we desire in our marriages, and in order for us to achieve them we may have to take some extreme measures! For the next few weeks we will highlight some things that we feel are key components in accomplishing the task of ‘making over’ our marriages.


Take a look at the video as Oliver talks about the importance of forgiveness in the Extreme Marriage Makeover

God Bless


Six Steps for Granting Forgiveness: (Taken from Prepare Enrich)

1. Acknowledge your pain.

2. Be specific about your future expectations.

3. Give up your right to “get even.”

4. Let go of blame and resentment.

5. Communicate your act of forgiveness.

6. Work toward reconciliation.



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