I Need To Start Dating This Married Woman…Again!!

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imageWhen I got married I vowed that I would love and honor my wife. At the same time, I still wanted to date. I also had someone in mind that I wanted to date. The problem was, that she was also married. This was distressing because from what we had both seen in other marriages, dating seemed to be non-existent. We decided however, that we would still try to see each other as much as possible.

Being married however, I have noticed that over the years it has (for some reason) become increasingly harder to date this married woman that I am interested in…
Either my schedule at work or the time I spend with my family hinders it, or her schedule and the time with her family hinders it.  We always start off good,and have tried to meet up on a regular basis, but something happens and we end up falling off…

Close to the end of 2011 I realized that I am going to have to make time…even if I have to bring her to my place, and hide from my family. So that is exactly what I did! I brought her to my place, took her in a room and locked the door,and we had dinner (see pic)…it was one of the beat dates we have had together!

In 2012 I decided that I was going to be more consistent with the dates. I loved dating this married woman and I was going to take this dating to the next level!! But, as fate would have it, we fell off again. Kids, working feverishly to make ends meet, and the general stresses of life kept us from seeing each other consistently. The effects of this inconsistency were very evident in our individual lives. Something had to give…

Just recently we have committed (once again) to see each other consistently. We decided on a specific night that we will meet. We decided that nothing would stand in our way. Kids, lack of money, working overtime, etc would have no bearing on whether we met or not. We decided that our night is Tuesday. Even if we have to do what we did before (hide away in a room), we WILL see each other. We remembered how we felt when we were consistently seeing each other and wanted that feeling back…

So, no more writing…I am signing off to prepare for my date with this married woman that I am in love with…
…the married woman is my wife…

God Bless

“The dream that drove you to that first date, that drove you to the altar, is likely still driving your marriage today.” – From the book “Date Your Wife”

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    • Oliver

      It is very hard Jada. We have trouble ourselves, something seems to always come up. We have to make a strong effort to invest in what is important…Good luck, keep pushing
      Pray for us and we will most certainly pray for you

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    • Oliver

      Thank you! Thanks for stopping by
      God Bless

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