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Definition of Behold (taken from the KJV Dictionary):
1. To fix the eyes upon; to see with attention; to observe with care.


We have all heard the phrase: ‘By beholding, we become changed’. My parents used it when I was growing up to illustrated the idea that my choice of friends would inevitably dictate my actions.  It is used in religious settings to highlight the change that takes place in ones life by beholding Christ.

I would like to use it in another sense: marriage

Think about all the married people that you know…

Think about the examples of marriage on television and in the movies…

Think about your own marriage (if you are married)…

Now ask yourself…How have I been affected by these examples?


There are so many negative connotations surrounding marriage, so many stereotypical statements about what marriage is like and why you don’t want to ever get married. I mentioned in the About section that I was uncertain as to whether I wanted to get married based on the images/examples that surrounded me.  The more I ‘beheld’ these examples, the more discouraged I became about how successful I would be in a marriage. Beholding negative stereotypes of marriage, whether it be in the media, or in our everyday lives WILL change us…FOR THE WORSE!!


My wife and I determined when we got married to be a positive example of what marriage can, and should be.  We believe that as we strive to behold Christ more, we are being changed into the people that he would have us to be, thereby transforming our marriage into one that others can behold.  Obviously, we are not perfect, but when you ‘behold’ our relationship, we want to provoke change…positive change.


For those of you who are married: When others behold your marriage, what do they walk away with?

For singles (and married people for that matter): Find an example of marriage that is ‘worthy’ of ‘fixing your eyes upon’, and ‘observing with care’.


God Bless!!


“We must become the change we want to see.”

– Mahatma Gandhi




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