Keep It Simple…

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keep it simpleJust a little while before starting this post my wife came up to me to show me an item she found at the supermarket (a chicken parmesan kit that cuts down on the prep time).  After she told me about it, I pulled her close to me and sat her on my lap, and simply said “you know, I love you very much.” She smiled, I kissed her, and then her response to me was “I love you more.”  I then started talking about how much I would love to take her away and such…


What is the point of me telling you this?


We spend time thinking of creative ways to woo our spouses. We read books, attend seminars, surf through blogs, etc, all in hopes of finding something that we can apply to strengthen our unions.  While all of these are great, and most certainly needed, sometimes it is merely the simple act of acknowledgement that makes all the difference!


A kiss on the neck, a foot massage, a back massage, pulling your spouse close and telling them how much you love them…all of these things are free, and already in your arsenal naturally. While I was at work yesterday my wife sent me a picture to my phone. That simple act brought a smile to my face and made her the foremost thought in my mind for the next couple hours. You have heard the phrase several times: “It’s the little things…”


As I share this with you, it is also a reminder to me. I am often kicking myself because I don’t feel like I was able to ‘accomplish greatness’ in certain areas of my marriage. I haven’t whisked her off to Paris, haven’t wined and dined and pampered her the way I would like to (and the way she deserves).  There are so many things still left undone in my book.  In spite of all that, she turned to me after I sat her on my lap and said 2 words that gave me more satisfaction than if I had just given her the world:

“We’re alright”

So…nothing insanely profound this time. Sometimes you just have to…

Keep It Simple…


“Any reason is a good reason and any time is a good time to say ‘I Love You.” -Fawn Weaver (tweet this)

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