Leave Whores Alone: (for Men Only – Women Watch At Your Own Risk)

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I watched this video produced by Manhood University and decided to share it with you. I do not want to give too much of the information away so I will not share my comments now. However, let me say this upfront – This is a very hard hitting piece! Please watch the entire video and leave a comment letting us know what you think


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    David Green

    Wow that was very deep. This needs to be taught to are young men and women.

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    Andre Douglas

    Deep, whores are a cancer to our society, whether male or female. Let's wake up ya'll before its to late. Peace

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    Nigella Scrumdiddlyyumptious Thompson

    sounds like bull to me

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    Kathleen Howard

    sounds like someone has been hurt, it takes two to tangle .To call a woman anything other than the name their parents gave them is disrespectful

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    Kathleen Howard

    He must have been in love with a whore and she got away from him and now he is mad at the world

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    Kathleen Howard

    If we as women wanted to be narrow minded and say that all black men go to jail all blk men sell drugs or all balk men plant seeds and walk away and are jobless . So to be fair you can only say Some Men. According to this guy there is only 2{27137a86aa7d9cdfea4ba1def08dc828a168f4c684c8f7b748a0d9ae77799d7a} of so called reformed women. Therefore it makes me wonder what is the percentage of reformed men out there? When you put yourself around whores and whore mongers you get what you get. The women and men I know are on point, like I always say real men commit and boys walk away and when they do they want to call a woman a whore.

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    Pierre Epsilonn

    Kathleen Howard i hear you. I think 1) hes not literally going to call women in real life whores. its more poetic 2) he says this is about MEN. he's trying to get men to see something. 3)truth hurts. I dont think this is all bull. Could have said it in a niceer more politically correct way? sure. But tell me… what is the core, and also what is the goal of his message? is the core of his message incorrect? I dont think so.

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    Pierre Epsilonn

    I would not repeat this message this way… but I think some guys need to hear it like this. and yes… many different studies have shown that most people have had sex by early twenties regardless of marriage. Usually before that. I think the problem is first with men. We are controlled by our desire too much. We need to work on that. hit me up if you want the news articles and the actual studies and scientific articles about sex and statistics.

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    The most powerful word I have ever Heard.. I thank God for you..’Amen truth ..’

    • Oliver

      Thank you so much for checking us out and commenting!
      (I am not sure how I missed this comment – Please forgive us for not responding promptly…)

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