Photo Shoot (Behind The Scenes)

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IMG_8955-1We are very excited about the future of Marriage Is Our Ministry! We are preparing, as best we can, for the manifestation of God’s plan for our venture. There are several things that we need to do in preparation for the ‘next level’ of this blog/ministry, so we have set up a gofundme ad to raise some funds. These funds are to go towards camera equipment (tripod, studio lights etc), microphones, website design and a photoshoot. We recieved one online donation and an offline donation which allowed us to get the camera equipment and microphone. (Big shout out to Elder Hatcher and Rodney & Jenae Toulson!)

To be perfectly honest, I was a little disappointed that we were not getting donations like I wanted, and I began to get a little frustrated and worried (I tend to do that sometimes). However, God is steadily working on my character and building my faith through this and other situations in my life. As a result, I decided to reach out to a photographer to setup a shoot (still not knowing how I was going to pay for it)…

So…fast forward to the blessing…

God came through and provided the perfect and timely solution!! HUGE shout out to Chip Dizard and WebVideochefs!! We were able to serve as models for a class and in turn get the pictures that we need for the upcoming website overhaul!

Things are coming together and we are very excited (yeah I know I said that already…lol)! Thank you very much for your support thus far. Please continue to check us out, and stay tuned for what is in store…

We want to share some of the behind the scenes pics with you…enjoy! (Special thanks to Justin Fulwood and Jonathan A. Johnson!)


God Bless


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    Chip Dizard

    Good stuff. I am glad you text me that day about pics. See how God works, always on time. Blessings to you and your ministry!

    • Oliver

      I am glad that I did too! Yep, God came through! Thank you again!

  2. Avatar
    Justin Fulwood

    It was a privilege to be a part of this. I honestly didn’t know the extent until the day off. Praise God for continued blessings seen and unseen. Good comes through when we least expect it!

    • Oliver

      The privilege was ours chief! We enjoyed it a lot! Thanks for helping to make us ‘rookies’ feel comfortable

    • Denise

      Yes He does Justin! Thank you so much for everything; we really appreciate you so much! Blessings..

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    Marley Menen Harris

    Listen to the music!!! i absolutely love, love, love this!!! I am so proud of my little sister and my brother in law "OL". I love y all man!! 🙂 Blessings with your ministry, you are an inspiration to many.

    • Oliver

      That song describes my life experience perfectly! Thank you so much for the kind words!

    • Denise

      Thanks big sis! We love you too! Keep us lifted..

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