The Secret (one of them) To A Lasting Marriage

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IMG_0285.JPGI believe that there are a few essential components associated with lasting relationships, but I will speak on one that I have found to be extremely vital: You Are A Team!

No matter what comes at you in your relationship, (or in life) it is NEVER you against your spouse. It is ALWAYS you and your spouse against the issue. Often we get caught up in placing blame and designating responsibility to only one person. However, when you are in a marriage, you have made a commitment to become ‘one’, and you are to tackle all issues as a unit.

Imagine this…The Spurs and the Cavaliers are playing…
Every Cavalier player on the floor has his own basketball and is attempting to play the Spurs team by themselves…ridiculous right??

When we attempt to ‘go at it alone’, or hang our spouse out to dry because we feel that something is their fault, it creates weak spots in the bond of our marriage.
So, link up and tag team your issues because the secret (or one of them at least) to a lasting marriage is that YOU ARE A TEAM!

God Bless

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