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thirstyMy husband throws out hints from time to time that he is in need of some good loving. Does yours?  Sometimes Oli is subtle (or what he thinks is subtle) and sometimes he’s very direct.  My responses vary.  I may answer him and say “Ok, later”…or,  I may not acknowledge his hints at all (not good, I know…don’t judge. I’m God’s work in progress!)

Our schedules are busy and most times not in sync. He sometimes jokes about us being ‘two ships’ passing in the night and calls me the “USS Denise” 🙂

One evening last week before he left for work, I sent him away skipping…lol..but…

It got me thinking about things

To my married sisters (and my single sisters looking to be married some day)…
Don’t keep your hubs’ thirsty’, and definitely don’t send your him off to work thirsty! The enemy LOVES that and is just waiting on the opportunity to pounce on your marriage! It only takes a little wedge for satan to squeeze in thru. Next thing you know, you’re dealing with the consequences of hubs’ “thirst issues”. Can we really be upset if we’re not taking care of them as we should? Let’s make it happen, sisters! We can’t be selfish or make excuses. Tired? Take an early nap. Full schedule? Delegate. I understand that sometimes  the issue is deeper than what I’ve mentioned.  Right now, I’m just referring to the times where the ONLY issue is us, but we’re being too stubborn or selfish to do anything about it. Let’s be honest…or ok, I’LL be honest: there were a few times early in our marriage where I’d leave Oli thirsty because I was being selfish, stubborn or spiteful. When I was upset with him, I’d withhold sex, instead of talking things out with him. This is unacceptable. But I’m so thankful for the grace of God towards me!  He kept my husband patient (frustrated, but patient! Lol) until my eyes were opened to the potential damage I was causing to our marriage.

Wives, quench your husbands thirst…TODAY

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    Karen Gibson

    Great post as always! Our counselor once said, "to a "thirsty" man anything will look like a drink." Like you, I enjoy sending my hubby off satisfied. He is more pleasant, more caring and he feels loved. It is so very important. 🙂

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