Broken Together

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What do you do when the fairy-tale life you envisioned is not being played out in your marriage? What do you do when issues arise that you never expected? How do you handle the disappointment that accompanies the fact that … Continued

Just Say The Words

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This message is for the Husbands… It is very important for out wives to hear us say the words “I love you” So often we get caught up in our routines and although we show love by our actions, we … Continued

Having Married Friends

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    Do you have a married couple that you hang out with regularly? Has it made a difference  in YOUR relationship? We feel that it is important to have married friends. It is beneficial to associate with couples that … Continued

Marriage Building

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As with home building, building a successful marriage takes some work. There are some fundamental components essential to ‘oneness’, such as communication, affection, quality time, acts of service, etc. Also, be sure to add any ‘amenities’ that tailor to YOUR … Continued

Don’t Wait…

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Check out a video from a blogger/speaker/author that we follow (one of our favorites), Sheila Wray Gregoire. In this video she admonishes women not to wait to be ‘in the mood’ before making love. Take a few minutes to check … Continued